My Very First Blog Post!

Hello 2018! A new year awaits me full of new experiences, new memories, and new beginnings. Or maybe that’s all bullshit and nothing new will come to me this year besides this blog.

On the 1st of this year I received health care, which is amazing. I feel incredibly privileged to pay nothing for so many different options, help and care available to me. I think that I’m most excited about mental health, I hope I can better understand myself and how to cope with my mental illness.

Things I wish to accomplish in 2018 include, taking more pictures, dancing more, living a healthier lifestyle, moving to a bigger/more comfortable space with my family, taking steps towards moving in with my boyfriend, letting things go (!), starting to vlog and hopefully keeping up with blogging here!

The majority of 2017 was a huge uphill battle for me, I lost a lot and learned even more when it came to myself, friendships, my family and so on.. Most of the year was a slow and painful drawback that catapulted me into a great position to start off 2018. I can’t wait to see what comes of this year. I feel like it will be a good one!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and dipping your toes into the very start of the Daily Balie.

Talk soon, xo. -b


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