The Leader of the Pack

Image-1In 2017, I started taking vitamins every single day and it changed everything.  I had always tried to take vitamins in years prior but it was annoying to have to open 6 bottles separately every day and so I would frequently forget or just not take them because it was easier to not. I knew what I wanted but I never knew much about which vitamin to take for what, I just believed what I read off the bottle, but never knowing for sure if it was really helping me. I frequent the Glossier tagged page, solely because it’s so aesthetically pleasing  and inspires me artistically and in one of the pictures, I saw a cute little foil pack that was personalized for a girl named Mandi and was tagged @careofvitamins. I clicked the tag and learned more about Care/of, my soon to be personal angel from the vitamin gods.

Care/of Vitamins is a personalized vitamin service that takes information from a little quiz available on their site, and formulates that into daily packs of vitamins just for you. It’s totally customizable, simple and best of all, affordable. Taking the quiz is the most interactive part of the whole process, that really breaks down things you’re looking for from taking vitamins, what you wish to accomplish with them and what kind of lifestyle that you live. From there, Care/of recommends you a couple vitamins, explains usage and then gives you the option to add or remove based on what you think works best for you. Care/of then sends you your customized box with a cute “Made for _____” on the front with a fact or quote of the day on each packet.

I’ve switched around my packs a couple times but my current pills include– Astaxanthin, Vitamin D, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, and Garlic.


_Astaxanthin: Brain, Heart, Skin – $9/mo

“Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that gives salmon and shrimp their coral color. Our Astaxanthin is the purest natural form extracted from cultivated marine microalgae. It is harvested from phototropic, Himalayan water-fed algae naturally rich in astaxanthin. Astaxanthin has been studied for its ability to help maintain healthy skin. Clinical data suggests that astaxanthin may help to prevent wrinkles and other normal signs of skin aging.”

_Vitamin D: Bones – $5/mo

“Our Vitamin D is fermented with organic yeast and foods to make it easier for your body to digest. Adequate intake of vitamin D is essential to maintain healthy bones. Vitamin D is necessary for calcium and phosphorus absorption, which is why it is a major component of bone health. Ingesting adequate calcium and vitamin D throughout life as part of a well-balanced diet may reduce the risk of osteoporosis.”

_Ashwagandha: Brain, Stress – $8/mo

“Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb used in traditional Ayurveda. Our ashwagandha is sustainably grown in India and produced using a gentle extraction method that yields the highest concentration available. In the Indian practice of Ayurveda, ashwagandha has been celebrated for centuries for its therapeutic qualities. More recently, in several research studies, including one with 64 participants, it has been shown to impact stress and physical endurance in conjunction with exercise. While it is not commonly used in Western medicine and larger scale studies are needed to prove clinical efficacy, ashwagandha’s appeal in the increasingly hectic world is clear.”

_Rhodiola: Brain, Energy, Stress – $8/mo

“Rhodiola rosea is an adaptogenic herb that helps the body adapt to stress in a healthy way. Our rhodiola is harvested from the flowering plant in the Altai Mountains of Siberia and Russia. Rhodiola has a rich traditional history in both Siberian culture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the 20th Century, it was studied extensively in the Soviet Union for benefits in supporting stamina under prolonged stress – which made it a favorite of Russian cosmonauts. More recently, there has been research in the United States, including some studies using human subjects, that have shown similar, consistent outcomes.”

_Garlic: Heart, Immunity – $8/mo

“Garlic is an herbal supplement that has long been used in traditional medicine. Ours is made from an oil extract of garlic and encapsulated in the United States. Garlic has been used in traditionally to support a number of functions in the body, from the immune system to digestion. In clinical research, garlic has been studied extensively for heart health and immune system support.”


My box totals out at $38 a month for 5 different kinds of pills, and since it’s over $20 it ships free! Care/of is a subscription service, so they send on every set day of the month, but you can push back the delivery as needed (like if you’re bad and don’t take your vitamins everyday and aren’t ready for a new box yet, lol.) You also can always change; remove or add to your packs as you wish.

Because it’s January, everyone has resolutions of being healthier, so Amy at Care/of has sent me a code (they don’t have a referral program just yet) that will get the first 5 people an entire free month of vitamins (box total up to $50!) So get on it and see if you pick up 1/5 spots. Use code JJ9HC at checkout!


Care/of is seriously so incredible and makes taking vitamins simple, easy and painless to commit to. I hope you try it out!

Shop Care/of by clicking here!


xo, -B


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