What’s New – February 2018

January seemed to drag on and on. Probably because I took over an entire month off of work during the Holidays and going back to my office routine had me working at sloth pace in denial that break was actually over. Now that it’s (finally) February, I’ve picked up a few things from here and there that I’ve never tried before as well as started incorporating things like new foods, music and places into my daily life that are pretty unfamiliar to me.

Let’s start with my favorite topic; products!


_Milk Makeup Blur Stick


I’ve used a Milk Makeup stick before; intrigued by it’s robin egg blue color and unique name, I purchased the Cooling Water Stick and fell in love with it pretty much instantly! I’ve heard people rave over the Blur Stick frequently, all good things of course, but I always passed it up for the sole reason that I don’t have that big of pores. I do have a lot of texture; mostly under my eyes and around my nose, that tends to look like chicken skin (thanks Jackie J.) So, when I saw a super cute baby size Milk Makeup Blur Stick in the “BUY ME I’M SMALL AND CUTE AND SLIGHTLY CHEAPER” section of Sephora, I threw it right in the bag! I’ve only used it once so far but it’s name really tells all. It primes for makeup beautifully and is suuuper lightweight. It looks like I’ve got a blurring filter on my face in every light, especially in pictures. It’s silicone free so it doesn’t clog pores, it’s vegan, cruelty free and gluten free! I have a feeling I’ll be using this ’til I twist and it starts to click on me. You can buy the full size Milk Makeup Blur Stick on Milk’s online store for $36 or the travel size, if you have commitment issues & are cheap like me, for $14. Both (+ the Cooling Water stick) are also available at Sephora, online and in store!


_Living proof. Perfect hair Day dry shampoo

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So, for starters I’m a Living Proof freak. All their products work like a dream and smell like pretty perfumes. This is already my second can but I needed to include it just because I repurchased instantly because of how impressed I am with it. It keeps my hair looking clean, smelling great and doesn’t give me that white powdery cast that most dry shampoos usually curse me with. If you are in need of a new dry shampoo, TRY THIS ONE! You won’t be disappointed. You can purchase it on Sephora online or in store; $12 for the travel size (easy to throw in your bag!) or $22 for the full size.


_Anastasia Beverly Hills Countour Kit

I’ve never been super into contouring; I have a small beat up Benefit Hoola Bronzer but I’ve barely dipped into it. Contour tends to look really muddy on me and because I have freckles, powder tends to sit/build up on top of them and it doesn’t look very natural; which is my most favorable look. And quite honestly, I’m not confident in contouring myself. While browsing Sephora I was on the hunt for a nice simple, matte/flat warm tone eyeshadow palette. This specific palette caught my attention because of the shade Nutmeg (pictured above); I thought it would a pretty crease or base color as an eyeshadow or one that I could lazily sweep across my whole lid on a Monday. Then the idea of one shade of contour turned eyeshadow warped & the bargaining voice inside my head said “This could be used as a contour/bronzer/eyeshadow palette in one!” So without even paying attention to the targeted skin color (yikes, or price) I snagged one for myself. It says that it’s for “Tan to Deep” skin, which I am not 50% of the year, but with Summer coming, I’m sure I will start to darken up a bit. In the meantime, I’m gonna use these as eyeshadows & will probably continue to use them that way even when I get a tad more tan all over. This kit goes for $40, browse the different shades of kits by clicking here! Also if you’re only interested in one or two shades and don’t want to spend the money on the full palette and only want to use a couple, they have individual pans for sale online as well!


_MAC Strobe Cream & MAC Prep+Prime Fix+

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They recently opened a MAC store in the Collection, which is a shopping center/outdoor mall not too far from where I live. I was excited to go inside since I’ve only had experience with MAC Cosmetics at a few different MAC counters before. After browsing around for a bit I picked up a Cleanse Off Oil (which I think is unfortunately breaking me out, sad smiley), a Strobe Cream in the shade Peachlite and the new ~*scented*~ FIX+ in the shade/scent Lavender. I’ve used FIX+ before in the original shade/scent and was a big fan! I used it for priming my face, setting my makeup, spraying on my brushes to pick up loose powders and for intensifying the pigment of pressed powders. So this was just a re-up for me but the whole scented concept was new. I’m not into lavender scented things too much but for some reason I reached for this over Coconut or Rose. I love this spray, I recommend this spray all the time because it’s soooo multi-functional. Strobe Cream was a product that I’ve heard about for years but never thought I needed it until I used it for the first time. It gives you a subtle glow that, because you massage into your skin under whatever foundation you use, looks like it comes from within. I think that peachy highlights look best on my skin tone so I went for Peachlite over Pinklite, Goldlite, Redlite or Silverlite, but whichever kind of highlight you usually tend to go for, pick a similar shade because it will compliment your powder highlight really well! Both products are available online on MACCosmetics.com or at a MAC Counter/storefront. As usual, different sizes of each product; Strobe Cream ranging from $12-$33 and FIX+ listed at $26!


_Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask & PINROSE Eau de Parfum

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I had over 600 points in my Beauty Insider account at Sephora and unlike usual, they had tons of promising looking samples all at the same time. I opted for this Laneige lip mask and a small roller ball of a perfume that reeled me in on my first sniff. PINROSE is a line of perfumes that I’d never heard of before, but after I run out of this roller ball, I may have to pick up a full size. It smells of vanilla & caramel and is said to be “warm & spicy” via Sephora online. It’s creamy and inviting, not like anything I’ve smelled before and isn’t too expensive for a perfume! The normal sized bottle goes for $65 but if you have Beauty Insider points, you should try to snag a sample because it is a decent size! Carrying on to the lip mask; it claims it’s for overnight but I sleep on my face mostly so I thought it would just rub off throughout the night so I decided to try it this morning during my commute to work. It smells like Fruit by the Foot and feels intensely moisturizing. Upon arrival to work, my lips felt smooth and supple, with a bit of excess product still left over on my lips. I’m gonna continue to use this in the coming days, since it does come with a lot of product, and see how it continues to transform my pout. From what I can tell by the looks of their online presence, Laneige seems to be a Korean skincare company (which is huge right now in the beauty world) that bases their products around something called “Water Science.” The normal, 20 gram, container of the lip mask retails for $20 and can be bought here on Sephora.com and I’m almost positive, in store as well. Beauty Insider rewards are a good way to showcase some of the most interesting and new products that Sephora carries on shelves and in some cases, encourages customers to purchase full sizes of the samples we get to try! I like both of these products a lot and can’t wait to incorporate them into my normal routine.


Let’s talk music.

Going into this month I’ll have the new Madison Beer album; As She Pleases on heavy rotation. I first heard of Madison through, like many did, Justin Bieber. He picked up on her and got her a bit of a following but it was kept strong by her powerful voice and online presence. This album is really exciting because it’s her first! She’s released a couple singles and covers before which kept me hooked until now, and I can’t believe she finally released an entire album!! I feel like a proud mother lol. The album has a colorful mixture of diverse music styles but the collection is, of course, chockfull of bops. I’m so proud of her for finally freeing a collection of songs into the world that she is proud to share with us. I’ll support her through the month of February in celebration of it’s release and continue to forever!

Troye Sivan is finally is on the brink of, what is starting to feel like, an album release and I absolutely cannot wait. Last month he released two singles; the first being “My My My!” which is an upbeat banger that makes you wanna jump around, carefree of who is paying attention. He then put out “The Good Side” which is as stunning as it is rare. It’s the perfect mixture of romantic and poetic which carries itself as a style of it’s own. These are two songs that will unquestionably overflow into February for me. His style is developing and maturing drastically, which you can tell by these two tunes alone. I can’t wait for what comes next for and from him!


Have you used any of these products before? Did I tempt you into trying something new? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Thank you all for taking the time to read my entries. The feedback I’ve gotten from family, friends and to my surprise, strangers; has encouraged me to keep this up and try new things. I am far more appreciative than any of you could ever begin to understand.


xo, -b

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