Glossier Solution – Review




As everybody is well aware by now, I am an absolute Glossier whore. If I get an email for a new product release (which is about once every month now) I immediately check out before I’m even knowledgeable about the product I’m buying. Last month I purchased their¬†Soothing Face Mist, which is Glossier’s version of a rosewater spray. That was the last remaining item in their collection that I had yet to buy, so since I received that in my last order, I have¬†officially¬†purchased every single item that Glossier has to offer. Including the cotton rounds, the brush, the pin (that I think isn’t even for sale anymore) And YES, I even have the sweatshirt (& I actually have two of those as well, smh.) I closely follow the Glossier trademark page so I almost always know what the next product will be called and can usually take a pretty good guess at what sort of product it will be. So when Solution dropped, I felt so betrayed! I hadn’t seen that trademarked and I was completely blind sided, but of course purchased anyway (duh!)


Per Glossier’s website, Solution¬†is said to be a chemical exfoliator & “skin perfector.” I was familiar with chemical exfoliators, as we sold one at European Wax Center when I worked there but, I was sure that was a total scam. Some people prefer physical (scrub) exfoliators because they can¬†feel¬†them working, but as for me, I really like chemical because I can really notice a difference in my skin after using them. I was so excited when I received my pretty pink box because I wanted to try Solution right away. Only issue was, I am¬†extremely¬†extra and boujee, being I ordered the Glossier cotton rounds also and wasn’t aware that they would be shipped separately. So I waited a couple days to start my first week of Solution. I started using Solution on Saturday January 27th and would use it every single day for about a week and a half.


_My first day of Solution: 

My skin will kind of fluctuate between amazing and terrible, and lucky for me, it looks absolutely terrible here. On this particular day/week I had loads of redness, uneven texture everywhere and a bunch of whiteheads and blemishes. (I mentioned in my previous “What’s New February” entry that I believed the MAC Cleanse Off Oil was what was really irritating my skin.) My first use of Solution was simple, I cleansed my face with Milky Jelly¬†as normal, pat dry and then pressed a cotton round into Solution’s nifty pump dispenser (Balie Tip:¬†pump slow, it tends to squirt out from under your cotton round and you’ll end up losing product ($) if you pump too quickly!) I pumped twice onto the cotton round and began sweeping across my face. My first reaction was that it smelled really mild, not chemical-y at all and didn’t sting as I was expecting it to with the lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids it contains. I almost took the nice smell and said “ok, how will this even work???” I let it dry for a bit then followed with Super Pure serum and then finished off my routine with, of course,¬†Priming Moisturizer Rich. When I woke up, my skin was slightly less agitated and less red than the night before and pretty dang soft!


_Middle of the week with Solution: 

Around Wednesday/Thursday I started to lose faith in Solution because I was getting super thick and painful, under the skin almost “cystic” like bumps around my jawline and cheek area. They were very red, very irritated and it reminded me a lot of how the regular/original¬†Priming Moisturizer¬†throws my skin out of whack. But Solution didn’t contain hyaluronic acid like Priming Moisturizer did, so what was happening? Beside the bumps; the upper portion of my face was doing better than before, I felt smoother, my pores were smaller and my nose (normally pretty clogged up) was starting to clear itself out. I braced myself for the uncontrollable urges to pop these and continued using Solution for the next few days.


_A week of Solution:

Glossier, I’m very impressed! (as usual.) After a week and a sprinkle of a few days added, my skin looks healthy and glowing! I have hardly any redness where I did before, my chin and jawline have cleared up drastically, beside the few small bumps that I will inevitably continue to have per me resting my hand there. My “texture” areas are almost unrecognizable, my nose (my problem area) is sooo smooth and the pores that reside there are totally unclogged. Most of the before + afters on Solution’s page are taken after 4 weeks of usage and these pictures aren’t even two weeks apart! I’m so impressed with this product and it’s absolutely one of my new favorites. As I touched base on before, my favorite partner products that I used with Solution are;¬†Milky Jelly Cleanser,¬†Super Pure Serum¬†and¬†Priming Moisturizer RICH.

Acne products can be pretty expensive but Solution is only $24, and with my BFF code (CLICK HERE!) that gives you 10% off, that’s only $21! Solution only comes in one size, 4.4 fl oz, but from the looks of my bottle so far, it will last a while if used appropriately.


Don’t forget that because this product contains acids, it’s ~*SO*~¬†¬†important to use sunscreen everyday. My favorite is the Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen SPF 50, which is available at Sephora if you’re into the whole Beauty Insider thang, or on Amazon as well if you’re a sucker for free shipping with Prime. I use it every single day; it doesn’t freak my skin out, it doesn’t break the bank and sits well under makeup!


Thanks for reading! If you end up buying Solution, I’d love to see your before + afters and your thoughts on how the treatment works for you!


xo, -b

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