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Shoutout Kaitlynn Labit for this idea! ❤

Processed with VSCO with fp8 presetI like to keep my everyday makeup look fairly simple; light coverage with fresh dewey high points. Accentuating my natural self is what I try to strive for and with my everyday products, I’ve found an equation that gives me just the look I crave. This is my everyday makeup routine; simple, fresh and pretty.


_Glossier Priming Moisturizer RICH


A pretty face of makeup is nothing without a prepped skin. I once heard “your skin is your best makeup.” That really stuck with me and that’s why I tend to take care of my skin so extensively. You can wear the most expensive makeup money can buy, but if you don’t take care of your base, your skin, your makeup won’t sit right and it definitely won’t sit pretty. I use this moisturizer night + day and it never fails me. I have raved about this product over and over, with good reason; this is the best moisturizer/face cream I’ve ever used in my life; I don’t think I will ever switch. The consistency is so thick but never leaves your face feeling heavy, your skin will drink this cream straight in and hydrate you like you’ve never felt before. I’ve had so many empties of this product because I reach for it constantly. Using this under my makeup is crucial because like I said, your makeup is nothing without a good base. This primes my skin for makeup and hydrates me so my makeup binds with the formula to keep me looking fresh all day. This first step is SO important for a flawless face; don’t skip it! (Applied with my fingers.)




_Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen SPF 50

Everyday-Sunscreen-SPF-50-768x959After allowing my skin to fully drink in my moisturizer, I follow up with a sunscreen (always.) I use an acid exfoliator as part of my nighttime skin routine, so sunscreen is an absolute must for me. Wearing sunscreen everyday is sooooooo important and if you haven’t started already, start now. Preventative skin care is that friend that only wants whats best for you and by using sunscreen everyday, you’re taking steps forward before you even need to, putting you ahead of the game. Sun damage & wrinkles, who?? Supergoop is a great brand that carries a large variety of different types of SPF. I stick with your everyday consistency of sunscreen because thats what I found worked for me but they also carry oils, setting sprays (this one smells great!), stick sunscreens, BB creams, serums, mousse, lip balms and get this; setting powders, ALL containing SPF. If you’re one of those “I hate the way sunscreen feels” kind of people, now you have no excuse. You can wear a dry SPF. Wear sunscreen you guys, I promise, you will thank me later. This is my second, and most important step in my daily makeup routine; all about protecting that base, ladies (& gents!) (Applied with my fingers.)




_Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint in shades Medium + Dark

PST_Carousel_02-compressor_copy_2This skin tint is what I use in place of a typical foundation. Glossier’s Skin Tint is lightweight, light coverage and just the perfect wash of color I need. I have freckles everywhere so when looking for a “foundation” I wanted something light enough that wouldn’t cover them but still enough pigment that would even my skin out and cover any redness. This product does that and then some. Listed as a skin enhancerskin tint lasts me forever and doesn’t ever make me feel or look cakey. I switch between colors medium and dark depending on the time of year. This skin tint is everything I need & more, it is unparalleled to me and I don’t know if I will ever find anything like it. (I apply this product with a Beauty Blender)





_Glossier Wowder in shade Light/Medium

carousel-5This powder is unlike any setting powder I’ve ever tried. Tagged a finishing powder this stuff is so fine that it feels like you’re hardly putting anything on. This stuff cuts shine like a knife cuts butter and leaves you looking just the perfect amount of matte all day long. There’s not a single speck of flashback (in photos) when wearing and it never settles into lines or pores. It smoothes over and stays put. I apply this with the Wowder Brush, which is a synthetic face brush designed for all over use, or tapered just enough at the end to use as a target brush. I set Wowder on the middle of my forehead, under my eyes and in the center of my chin; I tend to get most oily in these places. I focus a bit more intensely on my eyelids because this is where I get the most oily throughout the day.





_Benefit Hoola Bronzer

s-l300I’ve never really liked contour on me personally. Like I said before, I have a bunch of freckles so, when I contour, color usually sits on top of them and it gives off an appearance that I’m wearing too much makeup which is, as you know, not my thing at all! Hoola bronzer is just enough pigment to give me that “not dead” look but doesn’t make me look like I dipped my brush in literal mud. I have this small compact size that’s lasted me forever so I don’t really have much experience with the normal size compact but I know that it comes with a cute little sculpting brush for easy application. I apply Hoola in the hollows of my cheeks and a bit under my jaw for a more defined jawline. It’s a pretty color on most skin tones and they have a lighter formula as well for more fair complexions. (I apply Hoola with a Morphe M179 Angled Blush Brush.)




_Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in shade Opal

71KOg431vwL._SY450_This highlighter has gotten me more compliments than any new haircut ever could. It shows up so beautifully in pictures and in natural light, it’s one of those things that immediately after applying you feel like a new person. The only downside to this is that the formula itself is so creamy that it shatters really easily. I’ve had two and they both broke, but I still continued to use them because the pay off is just so beautiful. I dust this on the tops of the cheeks, around my temples, under my eyebrow, the inner corners of my eye, the very tip of my nose and of course; my cupids bow. Anywhere that light would naturally hit. This shade (Opal) compliments my skin tone in a hundred different ways and I don’t even try to find another highlighter I like because this one just does it for me. There are 18 different shades of this pressed powder, so finding one that compliments your personal skin tone shouldn’t be difficult! I apply this highlight with either the Morphe B8 Deluxe Fan brush or the Morphe M501 Pro Pointed Blender for more precise application. Both brushes are amazing for any highlight and are set at a totally affordable price.




_European Wax Center Natural Brow Powder in Venice + Glossier Boy Brow in Black

So for starters, the brow powder I use has been discontinued…??….in a way? EWC basically revamped their products gave them different names, maybe altered the formula a bit; but I stick with the one I have (even though it’s old and probably expired.) The shade I use used to be called Venice which I believe is now the darkest selection of three in the new packagings. There are two shades in one compact, which I like to blend together to give me a more natural brow color. I define starting at the tails and work my way forwards, always using hairlike strokes always following the direction of my natural hair growth. I apply using EWC double ended spoolie brush (which is also discontinued but I will include a link for the revamped version.) Once I am satisfied with the fill in, I will go over my brows with Boy Brow to set them in place and fill in any sparse spots. Boy Brow was formulated after a mustache wax/pomade so it doesn’t flake off half way through the day like most brow gels. There are many shades of both these products, so find your color combo and get to it!




_Glossier Balm Dotcom in shades Cherry + Mint

BDayBalm_Swatches2Once I’ve done all these things to my face, I will almost neglect my lips altogether until they scream at me “we’re dry ‘n crusty, help us!” Then I’ll go in and sweep over them with a Balm Dotcom; Mint most frequently, Cherry if I’m feeling a lil spicy. Both feel great and smell better, but Cherry gives me a pop of red tint to make my look a tad more exciting on any given day. I have a balm within reach at all times, literally; I have a car balm, multiple bag balms, a desk balm, a night stand balm, a bathroom counter balm… these things are everywhere. All flavors are great, all shades look beautiful. They’re convenient, easy to apply and last a lifetime. Pick your poison..I mean…..flavor.




_Morphe Continuous Setting Mist

29c5b10040eb3f2b54f2f9e10104e2f0They call this stuff micro-fine and they are not kidding in the slightest. This setting spray is one of the most unique products ever created for the beauty industry. Everyone loves a good priming/setting spray but they tend to spray out in almost….spats…if thats a word or makes sense at all..? They almost always spray uneven and get only certain parts of your face, leaving the drying process uncomfortable. Morphe’s setting spray is continuous and sets evenly, gently misting every inch of your face without the shock factor of a pump spray. I’m obsessed with how this stuff feels upon application, how this stuff smells and totally impressed with how well it holds my makeup. This is how I conclude my makeup process and while it’s my last step, it’s my absolute favorite step to do. I have to force myself to stop spraying because it is so soothing. It’s currently sold out online but available for purchase inside the Morphe store in Burbank if you’re a Cali girl.


Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 11.56.03 AM.pngIf you’re starting to think, well what the hell does she put on her eyes, you have every right to question me. I have eyelash extensions, and getting said eyelash extensions was the best decision of my life. I’ve been consistent with them for almsot 2 years now and they changed my makeup game forever. No flakey mascara, no poking strip lash bands; I always just have poppin’ eyelases with zero effore. They make me look put together even with a bare face, they look just the right amount of dramatic and the people love ’em! (Nic doesn’t because they’re all over his room & bathroom but 乁༼•‿•✿༽ㄏ!!) My lash tech’s name is Libby and you can check out her work by clicking here! She does classic and volume extensions but she’ll do a mixture of both on me. She’s so talented at what she does and is super skilled in waxing too! If you’re ever curious about trying lash extensions, book with her! She’s professional, quick and again, reallllly talented. I promise you will love her.


This concludes how I apply my face everyday! These products are my favorites and ones I never stray far from due to their reliability. These are the products that work best for me personally, so I’m sorry in advance if you try something I recommend and it doesn’t work as well for you. I know from my own experience that Glossier has an amazing customer service squad (s/o gTeam!) that will do everything they can to refund, return or  exchange any product you have any issues with. Let me know if you try anything and you fall in love with it! I’d love to hear your feedback.


xo, -b




All pictures taken from brand websites.

6 thoughts on “An Everyday GRWM”

  1. I really want to get the Morphe spray. Thanks for giving me the rest of the other brand bottle you had when you got the Morphe spray. But you are exactly right i find myself patting my face to try and even out the spray to hold all of my make up. Cant wait for it to come back into stock. Thanks for the make up hints Bae!

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  2. loving the glossier products! my girlfriend actually somewhat got me into glossier as well; I love the products she’s introduced to me such as the balmdotcom and their primer which I use after I wash my face! besides the company’s quality, I love their style; simple, clean, and cute


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