Note to Self;

Listen along:


1. It is okay to feel your emotions. Ride them like waves, even the bad ones. They will calm themselves eventually.

2. Stay hopeful despite your disappointments. Choosing to encourage positivity is never a bad thing.

3. Get to know your demons.

4. Forgive but do not forget. Do not allow people to hurt you in the same way over and over; especially if they promise you to change. That’s insanity (literally.)

5. Do not let anybody shame you for enjoying the things that you enjoy, be it a show or a style or a food or your most favorite baby blanket. And if they do, ignore them and like your things anyway. In return, do not shame others for savoring the things that they like. LET PEOPLE ENJOY THINGS.

6. Wash your face. Use the stairs. Wear sunscreen. Drink water. Take your vitamins.

7. Always splurge a little extra on these three things; comfy sheets, a nice candle and a good bag.

8. Take tons of videos; turn them into a fun montage. They are fun to watch and rewatch and rewatch and rewatch and rewatch…

9. Like all the best things (wine, cheese, 401k’s), everything gets better with time.

10. The world isn’t working against you, try to believe that.

11. It’s fine to not make/have a plan to stick to. Spontaneity leaves tons of wiggle room for let downs.

12. Go do that thing with your Grandma. You’ll thank yourself someday.

13. Make a playlist of old One Direction, old Taylor Swift, some 2010 Justin Bieber and just a sprinkle of N*SYNC. Blast that and CLEAN YOUR F%*KING ROOM.

14. All of it will all make sense someday. Have patience.

15. If you feel any sort of toxicity in any relationship starting to present itself, get out before it spreads to the good parts of you.

16. Do not ever feel guilty for starting over. It’s not selfish to make yourself a priority sometimes. Setting boundaries is necessary and if they respect you at all, they will understand.

17. Treat yo’self.

18. Take the time to understand yourself, the situations you are placed in and the people you invite into your life. Everyone and everything has a reason or a story. Not all of them will contribute to your success and happiness. Choose wisely the things you allow close to you.

19.Never leave the house without a Balm Dotcom, a scrunchie or your HydroFlask.

20. Letting your guard down takes courage and time. It requires patience from both parties, don’t be forced to rush your process.

21. Despite it’s taste; take GSE.

22. Always stay true to yourself.

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