What’s in my Bag: the Crossbody Edition

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Hello lovely readers! Today is all about my new cross body and all the new goodies it carries.  She is the Madewell Small Drawstring Transport Crossbody. It retails at $128 and comes in five different unique colors. I chose black just because I thought it would be something I would reach for more frequently to pair with everyday outfits. I got it monogrammed in the same style I do all my other Madewell leather goods, BMM in the “blind” imprint and tied it off with a (you guessed it) Madewell Bandana. Monogramming (& some other fun stuff) is free for Madewell Insiders, so be sure to sign up on their site!

_madewell small drawstring transport crossbody – $128

I had been eyeing the Medium Drawstring Transport Tote for it’s bucket bag like visual for quite some time, as well as the Small Transport Crossbody because I very much enjoyed the small size and how practical it is. When I saw the SMALL! DRAWSTRING! TRANSPORT! CROSSBODY!, it of course hit all marks for me and I almost fainted. This bag is everything I’ve ever wanted from Madewell and I can’t help but think they read my mind. It’s perfect size for easy carrying, with two top handles or a shoulder strap for hands free strutting. The small strap that lines the opening of the bag can be pulled from both ends and the small tote transforms into a tiny bucket bag! It’s made of vegetable leather so I hardly feel guilty for buying the thing, and it’s perfect size for my necessities (plus a few extras.) Now let’s get into the fun; the stuff inside!!


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_the small crystalline half-moon pouch – $19.50

This lil pouch is something I always thought about grabbing during checkout in store or online but never followed through. That is, until the gal checking me out told me if I grabbed something over $14.50 it would bump me up and I would end up getting 30% off my total instead of 20% during the Spring Sale; so naturally, I couldn’t resist. I actually wound up spending less money because of it, so…thanks pouch! Anyways; solid pouch, super cute, fits lots of stuff like balms, hair ties, bobby pins, lipstick etc.. It also comes in pink (almost looks like a Glossier pink pouch!)



_ray-ban hexagonal flat lense – $153

This is the best pair of sunglasses I’ve ever owned. I love Ray-Bans in general just cause they’re staple pieces; they go with everything and the polarized option is always nice. I have a hard time finding glasses with a shape other than “round” that look good on my face, so when a pair of hexagonal shades look good on me I was surprised but ecstatic. I’m always grabbing for these and sometimes, I even wear them over my prescription glasses (s/o Grampy♡) My Dad once emphasized the importance of polarized lenses and how non-polarized lenses can effect your eyes negatively, so now I try to always buy Polarized but this is my favorite pair so far! Splurge on a pair of Ray-Bans, they’re so worth it!


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_honey bunny intimates gardenia roll-on perfume – $14

I found this sweet lil roller ball by following the lovely owner of Honey Bunny Intimates,  Monique on Instagram. First of all, her kid is cute as all heck and to be honest I didn’t realize she even had a shop until I (almost religiously) was scrolling through her Instagram feed to watch videos of Zephyr playing with bugs. I first caught glimpse of her shop when I was slapped in the face by the gorgeous colors of huarache sandals she carries. Her shop stocks a wide collection of unique body suits, graphic tees and of course, intimates but she sometimes sprinkles in things of this nature as well as some vintage finds! This roller ball specifically always intrigued me but was something that sold out quickly so now that I finally have my hands on one, I can’t stop putting it on! It smells of pure gardenia with “no off notes” and makes for a great little refresher throughout the day. It’s honestly even calming just to smell in times of stress. She, by hand, packs the amber roll on bottles in her kitchen and sources the perfume from a small,  woman-owned business in Illinois. Monique is an awesome Mama and an even more incredible person on her own. Like come on, the woman raised an orphan squirrel?!? Check out her shop because she’s super incredible and so are all of the items she carries. (Also, watch a few of the videos of her daughter Zephyr from the instagram account; she’s a total character, a crackup at times and a super sweet, animal loving, freckle faced baby doll.)


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_glossier generation g in leo – $18

I’ve purchased a couple shades of Generation G before but all more muted natural colors. Leo is a much darker, warm brown shade that starts pretty sheer but is totally buildable, so it’s completely up to me how I want to wear it that day. I like this shade a bunch, almost as much as the other two shades I’ve picked up but maybe just a bit more because it’s more of its own color as opposed to a “my lips but better” shade (if that makes sense.) The formula is matte without drying out your pout but still melts into your lips for a more natural take on a traditional lipstick. Super easy to toss in your bag, your car or keep in your makeup vanity. There are 6 shades that look universally great so give one a go! Use my BFF link for 10% your first order with Glossier!


_french girl organics lumière body oil – $36

I’ve never been super into body oils because I hate the “oily” residue, but there must be something super special going on here because my skin drinks the FRENCH GIRL body oil like it’s necessary for survival. I have the lavande blanche scent, which smells of French lavender, rosemary and bergamot. This oil leaves my hands/arms so soft n’ supple without leaving me greasy in the slightest, it’s so soothing to apply. This is the first product I’ve gotten from FRENCH GIRL which is making me very eager to try some other stuff from the line.


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_glossier you. perfume solid – $22

When I first received my Glossier You. I was really concerned that I was blindly ordering a scent that I had no idea I would even like. It turned out to be such a pretty scent that I, over one nights sleep, made it my every day perfume. I always check out with the free You. typical small spray perfume sample, which are good to throw in my bag as well but the solid has a way of holding it’s scent for longer and I really like that. I rub a bit behind the ears and on the corner of my wrist. It’s almost concentrated so a little goes a loooong way. I love the You. scent anyways but having it with me at all times is really convenient. The compact is surprisingly very heavy resulting in it feeling super luxurious. If you, like myself, are scared of blind ordering scents; add it as your free sample on your Glossier order of something else, like the above mentioned Generation G and try it out! ^


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_hydro flask 32. oz w/ straw lid – $44.95

I don’t want to be one of those basic California broads and carry around “my hydro” like it’s filled with some golden potion that keeps me alive…but……I am and…it does. This doesn’t fit in my bag obviously but this thing is attached to my hip so it felt wrong to not include especially because it is new. I had the 18 oz Hydro Flask in recent months but I noticed I was filling it up so frequently that it was almost bothersome (my god, my privilege is showing so bad) so I upped my water intake out of annoyance and also knowing that it’s probably healthy for me to be drinking more water anyways and got the 32 oz. I always really like the straw lid, which I didn’t have before. It’s easier to grab which in turn makes it easier to increase my water intake. I’ve talked briefly about these bottles before but they rock so hard. I can put ice inside and it won’t melt for days. Invest in a Hydro!!! They’re really really awesome.


glossier balm dotcom – $12

madewell post wallet – $78

madewell leather card case – $24.50

urban outfitters velvet scrunchies – $12

madewell front door key fob – $19.50

pandawell 8 pin cellphone fan – $4.99


This concludes what my adorable new tote carries for the beginning of Spring 2018. If anyone has questions, concerns, comments leave them below! ALSO; sorry I’ve been lacking and borderline M.I.A. from this blog; there’s really not an excuse I can give you, lol. But I’m back!! I promise. Thank you thank you thank you for reading!!


xo, -b



All photos by Balie Mara – iPhone 7+

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