Fun in the Sun(screen)


Summer is coming and it is coming quick. I feel like it seriously was just January and I had the flu that knocked me into a deep sleep 5 minutes after the ball dropped on NYE. Summer is most definitely my least favorite time of the year; I hate being hot. I run hot as is so when I’m more hot than usual, I get super cranky so naturally the Summer is my hell on earth. Heat = sun, sun = sun burns and sun burns = skin damage, my actual worst nightmare. Sunscreen is my #1 beauty product; these specific brands are my absolute favorites, and have made my Summers a bit more bearable. Some of these products I’ve mentioned before in previous posts so bear with me, it’s only because their use becomes for frequent and more important during this time of year.


I always preach that everyone needs to be wearing sunscreen every day already but during Summer, it’s an ABSOLUTE necessity. The Summers continue to get hotter every year and with that comes faster sun burns and of course, sun damage. Wearing sunscreen as a preventative measure is the smartest thing you can do for your skin but burning can also be very painful and not pretty. The video I’ve included above is the exact reason I started wearing sunscreen every single day. It’s much easier to see the importance than to read about it.

The two main types of sunscreen are Physical and Chemical. Physical sunscreens act as a barrier, which deflect the rays from penetrating your skin. Chemical sunscreens collect and absorb the UV rays instead of deflecting but gradually decreases in strength and eventually subsides or can even diminish altogether. UVA & UVB rays are both pretty harmful but in their own ways; UVA rays are what cause premature aging and wrinkles, while UVB rays cause sunburns. Sunscreens labeled broad spectrum is what you want to be looking for and using because they protect against both UVA and UVB. While many people steer clear of physical sunscreens because of their white-cast appearance, smell and residue, physical or “mineral” sunscreen is what I tend to reach for. While chemical sunscreen is more ideal for it’s “invisible” appearance, it’s protective quality tends to wear away much quicker, resulting in the user having to reapply throughout the day much more frequently. Chemical sunscreens can also react badly to certain skin types, in some cases causing rashes or burns. I usually apply my sunscreen underneath my makeup so having to reapply is messy and lets be real, who wants to rub their makeup around after it’s set in place? Here is a list of my favorite sunscreens broken up into both physical and chemical.


  • Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 – $10-$48 : My personal favorite sunscreen, I use this one every day for it’s ease of use and the way it feels when applied. Most physical sunscreens are packed heavy with zinc oxide which is what tends to leave that dreaded white cast we all try hard to avoid. Supergoop! has formulated their version of the classic sunscreen to 1. not leave any physical appearance that you’re wearing it, 2. knocks out the classic “sunscreen smell” by using oils like lemon, orange, basil and eucalyptus and 3. doesn’t leave an oily residue. Application is easy and it leaves my skin feeling incredibly moisturized. I don’t dread putting this product on because it feels and smells incredible, my skin doesn’t react negatively to it and I know that its protecting me from premature aging. It also sits very well under makeup and doesn’t allow your foundation to slide around. You can find this online by clicking the link above and it is also sold online & in stores at Sephora.



  • SHISEIDO Ultimate Sun Protection Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Wetforce – $22-$36 : This is the sunscreen I used before stumbling onto Supergoop! This is a great sunscreen because of its consistency; the formula is not runny and actually rather thick but because of that takes a bit longer to rub in completely. The interesting thing about this specific product is that SHISEIDO formulated what they call “Wetforce” which means, when the product comes in contact with water, it increases it’s protective quality, making it perfect for the beach, the pool or anytime you might be sweating a bit more than usual. This one does have a more typical sunscreen-y smell but is still a great product nonetheless.


  • Supergoop! 100% Mineral Invincible Setting Powder – $30 : I have actually never tried this product but figured I would include it because of how many great things I’ve heard about it. I use a setting powder everyday to set my skin tint during my morning makeup routine. This product is exactly that but is jam packed with SPF. This is perfect for the anti-sunscreener because it eliminates all the things they would typically hate about sunscreen; no residue and no scent! This could also be perfect for the experienced sunscreener who wants to reapply throughout the day but doesn’t want to rub their makeup around (me!) This setting powder would reduce shine as well as re-up your protective game all at once. I’m looking forward to trying this product.



  • Glossier Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen SPF 35 – $25 : This sunscreen would be my #1 if it wasn’t a chemical 😦 This formula, what Glossier calls “watergel“, is absolutely incredible. It is not called Invisible Shield for giggles, this stuff is really transparent, super absorbent and smells like the most beautiful citrus grove on earth. It glides on the face and almost disappears, which makes it really nice to use but again because of it’s chemical makeup, it breaks down easily and requires frequent reapplication which is something I just really can’t get down with. I love Glossier and I love this product but I’m just not willing to have to reapply every 2 hours. If you are the type to stay on top of it like that then give this one a try! It’s really really great. Use my BFF link for 10% off!


  • Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist Broad Spectrum SPF 50 – $8-$28 : A mist in the Summer time is just about one of the most refreshing and greatest feelings. This product is not only a mist but a setting spray as well, so it’s perfect for sun protection reapplication when wearing makeup because not only does it not disrupt your makeup, but it actually sets it! Even though this is a chemical sunscreen, it’s made it on my list simply because it’s great for reapplication. It’s easy to use, it sets your makeup and it smells INCREDIBLE. The oils included are peppermint, spearmint and rosemary; three of my all time favorite scents/flavors. This is a good one to keep in your car or your beach bag. We love her!


As for body sunscreens, these are a few that have hit all marks for me and felt necessary to mention;


  • Supergoop! Forever Young Hand Cream SPF 40 – $12-$28 : I commute to and from work in L.A. Monday-Friday. I spend at least 3+ hours in the car, every single day and with my hands constantly on the steering wheel at direct eye level, I can SEE them aging and it makes me want to cry. Car windshields + windows are designed to deflect UVB (the sunburn ray) but not UVA (the aging ray) so while I’m not seeing redness or burns on my hands, I am, during every single drive, prematurely aging and getting nice ‘n wrinkly. When I found this hand cream, I thought it was pretty dumb that there was a sunblock specifically for your hands, but then I realized; duh of course there is; the texture of the skin on your hands vs. your face are drastically different. Hands go through a beating, we use them for everything! They get dry, rough, and let’s not pretend like we aren’t sticking them under a CHAMBER OF DIRECT, INTENSE UV LIGHT at our nail salon once every couple weeks. I always keep this with me to apply in the car or right before a nail appointment. You really will see the effects years down the road when your face is wrinkle free but your hands look like they don’t belong on your body in comparison. Take care and give love to all your skin, guys! You’ll thank yourself (or me) later on.


  • Supergoop! Super Power Sunscreen Mousse SPF 50 – $19-$34 : The texture of this is right in between a cream & a mist which feels great for all purposes; protective & residual. It doesn’t take much to rub in and absorb but it also doesn’t just mist over your body, missing some parts of your skin altogether. “It’s like trying to paint a wall using a spray can instead of a paint brush, it takes more crosses.” This is the ideal sunscreen because it sits right in between. It’s not typical but also not too hipster, it’s perfect. And it protects against sun for 80 minutes!! That’s quite a long time to not have to think about reapplication. Smells great, protects well, simple, easy. Get on it!



Supergoop! has got to be my favorite sunscreen brand because of the diversity of products they carry; from typical creams to more unique products like oils, serums, mists, chapsticks, CC creams and so much more. They really check all boxes for people in search of products that they enjoy using and works for them, their skin and their lifestyle. Check out Supergoop!’s website and see if you find something that strikes your fancy.

If you’re on the hunt for something not listed here, make sure you continue looking for a broad spectrum, SPF no less than 30 and no higher than 50 (cause thats a gimmick), and protective against UVA & UVB rays. And for the love of all things sacred, if you haven’t even started wearing sunscreen yet, start NOW! It’s sooooo important. So important. I cannot stress that enough.

Do you have a favorite sunscreen or sunscreen brand? Is there something you want me to test out so you don’t have to buy it first? Leave it in the comments below because I’ll always experiment with sun/skin protection. Thank you for reading and remember to have safe sun!


xo, – b


Photos taken by Madison White – Canon AE-1

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