Long time, no see.

Well myyyy my, it’s been a MINUTE. I kind of dipped on this blog and didn’t even glance back at it. I really really enjoyed blogging but for some reason I’d just been in a sort of hazy funk, that’s throwing every routine I’ve ever had absolutely out of whack. For starters; I haven’t been blogging, obviously. My room was (still is) a disaster, I haven’t taken my vitamins in I’m not sure how long, my current skincare routine is lucky to even see a single swipe of moisturizer. I’m an absolute mess to say the absolute least. I spent over two months on vacation from work, which gave me every excuse to be as lazy as my heart desired.

IMG_6370.JPGI spent my days going to Disney with Nic, napping and taking small trips here and there, including Hawaii, a place I had dreamed of going for years. I took about a week long trip to Kauai with my grandma and my dad. My grandma had never been to Hawaii either so, naturally, we were both extremely excited. We ate insane amounts of fresh incredibly tasty poke, saw so many breathtakingly beautiful places in jungles, canyons and on beaches. We drank mai tais, fed wild dogs and chickens almost everywhere we went, enjoyed shave ice and I even got my grandma to snorkel with me!!! We spent everyday laughing with each other, whether it be dad laughing at us stuck in the waves rolling around like boiled eggs, grandma and I laughing at dad for not remembering we can hear him crack up even though he has noise cancelling head phones on or me, laughing at both of them, hard of hearing, having two different conversations with each other at the same time and not understanding what the other was talking about. This is a real conversation that happened in our hotel room one night;

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset dad: *rolls out of bed* “Brrr it’s cold in here!” grandma: “I have leftover omelette in the fridge!” dad: “what?!” grandma: “I have my leftover eggs..you can eat them.” dad: “Why would I want eggs?” grandma: “You said you were hungry!!” and then me: *spitting out the corners of my mouth, trying not to hysterically laugh*

Hawaii was the highlight of my summer not only because of the sights I got to feast on and pure relaxation I got out of it but solely because getting to spend so much quality alone time with my grandma and my dad is something I will never forget. When I was at home though, my everyday was getting almost too routine (in a bad way) and I felt like I was doing it with my eyes closed at that point.

giphy (1)Almost like Squidward in that episode of SpongeBob where he moves to the community of all Squids and he is just blank faced repeating his days…
you know the one; that’s exactly how I felt. Don’t get me wrong, I like having a semi-strict routine because it keeps me on top of myself. I will take my vitamins if I wash my face, I will go to bed on time if I wash my face right now, etc.. Everything sort of ties into each other and if I don’t do one thing, it screws everything up and I’m doing none of it. With that being said, I am over it. I’ve slacked too much and for too long and I need to whip myself back into my mould. I’ve chosen to start here.

When I first started blogging I was doing it because I love to blabber about things I cared about; aka a sh*t ton of Glossier products, Madewell bags and other random goodies. Putting people onto good skincare and makeup gets me giddy and I loved having this (2 inch) platform (I’m not that important lol) to reach more people and steer them in the direction of products that I truly adore. Blogging then transformed into an almost emotional outlet for me in a time where I, apparently, desperately needed a release.

Processed with VSCO with 5 presetI went through a rough patch with some people I had only assumed would be in my life forever. I not only dealt with loss of people exiting my immediate life, but with some family who left the physical world altogether, as well. I went through a lot of physical changes that woke me up a bit in realizing I need to take better care of myself. Some of my family also went through some changes and physical hardships that made me realize even further how I need to be treating my body.

I got in a car accident on the North bound 405 during rush hour that could have easily cost me my life if it would’ve happened any other way but thankfully, all I walked away with was a stiff neck, a bruised knee and a totaled Darla (RIP sweet car.) I gained so much knowledge from these experiences and I like to believe I came out on top. With the total loss of my sweet sweet Darla, came to bring me Mindy; my 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan. Dare I say I love her almost as much as I did Darla? (never, lol.)

My baby brother graduated high school (?!) and got his first car (?!), two days after nailing his drivers test. He’s now attending college (?!), which is beyond me and it really started to sink in that we are both no longer little kids.

My Papa went through a very scary but, luckily, successful heart surgery and it woke up a part of me that really wants to start caring for not just my external but my internal as well.

The loss of my young cousin, Kaho, really shined light on how precious life could be and that Death does not pick favorites. Most recently we were handed the passing of my Obaachan; she lived a long life and passed at an insane age of 101! She was very sweet and I’m glad I got to FaceTime with her in the days leading up to her passing.

I’m back at work now and this show is only a one hour commute instead to two, which I was doing M-F before we took time off. The time in the car really takes a toll on me physically, my neck in particular so I was glad to have a bit of travel time knocked away. I am feeling much more motivated at work which is really a nice feeling. I’m enjoying being back in the hustle ‘n bustle from being so far away. LA’s got ahold on my heart, unfortunately.Processed with VSCO with e5 preset Nic and I got approved for an apartment in the beginning of October that seemed to be, from a distance, such an amazing chapter and experience for us. It was a unit two doors away from some of our very best friends, Grant & Morgan. We were so pumped on sharing Costco trips, potential wifi and having Mario Kart showdowns nightly. Due to circumstances brushed under a rug and the timing of the move, we had to turn it down. But the whole process really made me feel good. I did it all myself! I really did like a real life adult thing; I looked for the unit, I called around, sent in applications, we paid rental fees and in the end actually got accepted. It felt really really amazing in the end. But, again, due to some issues we need to sort away before moving out on our own, the move won’t be happening (maybe.)

I turn 23 this month! Nic just celebrated his 23rd on the 5th and we celebrate 4 years of ~*dating*~ on the 24th!

So crazy how time feels so slow but so fast all at once. I hope this year brings us so much exciting changes and fun; I have a good feeling about it. My friendship and love for Nic continues to grow every single day.

I was feeling super unmotivated for a loooong while but I hope that this sudden burst of energy and willingness to blog will start a chain reaction and if I blog, I will wash my face, take my vitamins, clean my room, walk the dog, eat my– you get it.

I hope this blog finds you all well, and I’d love to know what you guys want to see from me. More skincare..? Or are you sick of that? My Fall favs?! My experience as a first time Disneyland Annual Passholder (cause I’m a Disney freak.) Please, let me know! I would love your help in keeping me motivated to do this stuff because blogging really is so much fun for me.

Thanks for reading! Talk soon,

xo -b

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