My Birthday (Wildest)Wishlist

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October is one of my favorite months. The list just seems to keep growing but; my birthday (22nd), Nic’s birthday (5th), my dad’s birthday (18th), my Aunt’s birthday (31st), HALLOWEEN! (also 31st) and Nic & my Anniversary (24th) all fall within the month. Also, the colder weather starts creeping up, I love all the pumpkin scents & flavors, I love sweaters, boots, beanies, dark hair, early nights. I just love it all, ok?!

As my birthday approaches I figure I should make a list of things I would want if anyone were to buy me presents. And then I thought, it would be so fun if I were to make another list of all the wildest things I could ever wish for if all my family and friends had the cash money to blow on lil ole me. I have expensive taste most times but I also love sentimental gifts as well. Some of my most prized possessions are handmade crafts from my family and friends. BUT, back the beginning of that sentence, I have expensive taste. And with that being said, heres my birthday WILDEST-WISH list.

_Louis Vuitton, Palm Springs Backpack Mini 

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 1.14.09 PM.png

I have wanted this bag the moment I first laid eyes on it. It’s a backpack with adjustable straps that you can hook in multiple different ways to create of course, the traditional backpack, a cross strap backpack, a cross body bag… the list truly goes on. I hate big purses; I try to keep it as small as possible when purchasing them but I love backpacks. I have a few that I really enjoy but this one is just a beauty. She’s so classic with the Monogram but trendy with the different ways you can wear it. I’ve begged like six different people for this bag but I have yet to own her, so here she will stay on my wishlist. 

_Vrai & Oro Thick Stacking Ring 14k Solid Gold

and Vrai & Oro Emerald Diamond Tetrad Band 14k Solid Gold

I’ve been a huge fan of Vrai & Oro for a few years now. I first saw their account browsing Instagram and followed them for a few months. It wasn’t until I spotted the Baguette Diamond Ring that I started heavily aching for a piece (that piece specifically) of their line. For my birthday in 2017, Nic graciously gifted me that ring as the first piece of real jewelry he ever bought me. To this very day, I have never taken it off, I have what looks like a permanent tan line because of it and I have an extreme link of superstition tied to it as well. It is one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry that I own for the simple fact that it is dainty and well thought out. Later that year, in December, I bought Nic a V&O ring also. The thick stacking ring linked above but in white gold. V&O prides themselves on raising above ground diamonds and always making products out of solid gold, never filled or plated. The quality of the pieces I’ve touched are impeccable and I can’t wait to hopefully add to my collection. These two rings specifically are ones I’ve eyed for a cool minute and I hope to own them someday. All pieces that V&O makes are absolutely my style and for the quality, relatively inexpensive. Did I mention that Vrai & Oro also have an engagement/wedding selection? *cough* nic  *COUGH*

_Gucci Leather Ankle Boot in Leather

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 1.40.20 PM.png

These shoes are gorgeous. The timeless interlocking G logo, the tassel flaps, the perfect height heel…..??? EXQUISITE! Absolutely stunning. I don’t even know that theres much more I even have to point out to you about this boot. Literally, look at it. She speaks for herself! She don’t need no man!! I love a good black short bootie and I love me some Gucci; how do I even go wrong here?? Oh, right….the price. Well, see you in my dreams lil boot.

_15-inch MacBook Pro, Space Gray, 512GB Storage

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 1.46.16 PM.png

Okay, I get it; at first you might be thinking “512 GB of storage?! That seems unnecessary..?” And I understand how you could think that. BUT, when you factor in that I use my current MacBook for work and it crashes on me every single day because I don’t have enough storage to even download documents attached to work emails then maybe, just maybe.. you will ride with me on this. I absolutely love my current MacBook and she’s loved me back. I’ve had around 5-6 laptops in my lifetime, all of which were not Apple computers until the one I currently have now. Getting a Mac was life changing, and as a middle schooler, something I dreamed of owning myself and envied all my friends for having already owned. When I opened it from my dad on my birthday two years ago, I lost it. I was living middle school Balie’s best life, taking pictures on PhotoBooth with the thermal filter, typing my name in my notes over and over again like Stephenie and I would do in the Apple Store at the Oaks when we still wore A cup bras and iMessaging her from my computer (incredible..) She’s been amazing and has helped me through hours of work, hours of Netflix and trips down memory lane when I browse through my 16k+ pictures. But as I’m sure you know, Apple messes with the speed/storage/programing of all the products that run our lives and has slowed mine down TREMENDOUSLY. I work primarily from my computer; emails, budget tracking, time card collecting. You name it. Which is why in my best dreams, I am typing gleefully on my new MacBook Pro with no interruptions, no “Storage Full: Please deleted unwanted documents” notifications and no hassle. But just as I’m about to hit Send on an important work email, it’s then when I snap back to reality and realize I’m typing this blog post on a 13″ Air with the processing speed of a snail sloth crossover. All I’m saying is, a new computer would be the best thing to ever happen.

That’s really all for my wildest wishes wish list. Here’s a list for the clueless who have no idea what to actually get my for my birthday: See Above.

Just kidding, here’s some real links, lol;

_Glossier Gift Card

_Madewell Gift Card 

_ShopGirlsCrew Mini Lock Necklace

_Vintage Hanford Class Ring 1972

_Ranch Crewneck Sweatshirt: L

_iPhone XS Max

_Vans Classic Slip-On Sneakers in Pink: 6 1/2

_Bianyo Skin Color Brush Markers

_ShopGirlsCrew Royal Band: Gold sz8

xo, -b

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