Balie’s 2018 “10 Under 20” Holiday Gift Guide

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Christmas time is upon us! That means there is lots of money to be spent and lots of gifts to be given. Splurging on your immediate circle is an okay thing to do, but what about the other people you’re thinking of buying gifts for that you also are not trying to shower in diamonds and gold? Queue Balie’s Holiday Gift Guide: a list of ten items for $20 or less! For your coworker, for your neighbor, for your barista! These are small things you can gift to the everyday gal or guy in your life that come after your family & closest friends.


For the beauty guru;


Glossier Cloud Paint – $18

Glossier is a brand I’m sure you’ve heard me rave on and on and on and on and on and on and on about, for the simple fact that their products are awesome. This cream blush is no exception! I never wore blush. Never, I hated it. UNTIL I bought Glossier’s cloud paint during a black out online shopping experience. This blush really does it all; I’ve used Storm on my cheeks, the more brown shade Dusk as a contour shade, I’ve used Puff on my lips; it’s so multi functional and so fun. It looking like a tube of paint, really makes you feel like an artist. $18 seems a lot of money for such a small tube but trust me when I say this stuff goes a looooong way. The most perfect wash of natural looking color on your cheeks and little on the tip of your nose if you’re feeling wild. This is a do all kind of product and truly made me a believer in blush. A fun alternative to the traditional powder blush, this will surely surprise and leave the makeup lover in your life in awe. And using my link gets you 10% off!


For the tech lover;

61ah4axvBkL._SL1402_.jpgWizGear Magnet Phone Mount – $6.99

I swear I’ve had to of bought at least 10 of these things. Hands free driving is the new black and this phone mount makes it that much easier. My auntie Caroline actually put me onto this product and my life was forever changed. This item comes with around 3 or 4 metal plates that have 3m sticky tape on the backside that you can throw inside a phone case, stick to your actual phone or it’s case, that sit tight and secure on the mount. The one I linked slides into your air vent but there is also one that can stick onto any part of your car (click here!) This has become a car/phone staple of mine and everyone around me. Nic, my dad, my mom, Aidan… I am not (even in the slightest bit) kidding when I say that everyone around me has this car mount. This is an incredible, practical and inexpensive gift you can give just about anyone with a cellphone or a car and perfect for the lover of all things tech!


For the fashionista;

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 4.14.06 PM.pngMadewell Chunky Small Hoops -$20

I have gotten so many compliments on these hoops and been asked so frequently where I get them that I had to share them on this list! With the perfect balance of extra and simple, these earrings are so great to wear with just about any outfit. The quality of these are amazing, especially for the price point and come in a range of different sizes. They aren’t huge and heavy, they won’t irritate your skin and with the vintage softer looking gold; they won’t swallow your face or overpower your look. They amp up just about any outfit in the most perfect way and are just the right size. These hoops are an absolute staple for me and I’m sure the queen of fashion in your life will love them just as much as I do.


For the business man;


Personalized Leather Money Clip – $19.99

Men; they are almost always the hardest people to shop for, am I right? My dad loves a good money clip which is why I chose to include this gift. This money clip comes in different color leathers and personalized to the recipient. I love personalizing gifts because it feels more genuine and thoughtful. Any chance I get to incorporate some aspect of the person receiving the gift into the gift, I get real excited. Christmas can be such a crazy time where people will gift just about anything to anyone just to check off their list but go the extra step, get something personal for the people you care about. They will appreciate it.


For the on-the-go-gal;

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 4.32.24 PM.pngMinimergency Kit – $20

These little emergency kits are perfect for the person in your life who has always “gotta run.” The kit is small and compact so it will fit in their bag, car, office, etc.. and comes packed with just about anything you will ever need in case of an emergency. Hair ties, safety pins, a sewing kit, bandaids, deodorant; you need it? It’s in this emergency kit. A perfect gift for anyone who lives out of their purse, everyone else in between and would even sit pretty as a stocking stuffer! I may even pick one of these up for myself, just in case. You never know when you’ll need four champagne gummy bears (also included, you know…for..emergencies…)


For the “I’d rather be in sweatpants” friend;

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 4.46.00 PM.png

UO Waffle Beanie – $15

This time of year, with the holidays also comes colder weather. If I’m being honest, I may be the “I’d rather be in sweats” friend but that’s not important. Beanies are incredible, who on this earth does not like beanies? They’re cute, they’re stylish, they keep your lil ears toasty and they tie together any cute fall/winter outfit. Beanies are an easy clothing item to gift someone because they typically only come in one size, there is no size guessing or making anyone feel awkward if you size them wrong and again BEANIES ARE AMAZING. And if anyone is gonna want this it’s your friend who shows up to work in almost pajamas. This one linked comes in a bunch of really flattering and on-trend colors, easy to pick for just about anyone.


For the hydrated hunny;

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 4.55.12 PM.png

Nalgene 32oz Water Bottle – $15

Okay, I take back what I said about handsfree driving being the new black. Staying hydrated is most definitely the new black. I drink almost 96oz of water a day and I could still be drinking more. Everyone needs to drink more water and what better way to promote that than by gifting someone one of these ultra cute bottles. This is an Urban Outfitters exclusive and comes with two super dope sticker sheets to make the bottle just that much more custom to the gift-receiver. This comes in four different colors and is relatively inexpensive for a nice reusable water bottle. Gift this to someone who loves some good ole H2O or someone who probably needs more of it, a subtle way to hint that they need more water in their life.


For the little one;

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 5.04.35 PM.png

Crayola Bath Bombs (8) – $5.99

Getting kids to get into the bathtub seems like the hardest thing to do when it comes to television and movies; but did anyone ever try a bath bomb? What kid could resist getting to change their bath water from boring clear to vibrant greens and blues?! Bath bombs really jumped to the top of the trend chart in the last few years and I personally, think they are so fun to use! Most bath bombs not only change your water pretty colors, but they also mix in beautiful scents and good-for-you moisturizing and cleansing properties. These bath bombs were designed with kids in mind, so they are paraben and aluminum free, making them ideal for kids sensitive skin! These don’t dye the skin or the bath tub and making bath time a blast. If you’re stumped on ideas for the little kid in your life, go with these bath bombs! They’ll love it!


For the green thumb;

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 5.15.30 PM

Greenaholics Succulent Pot – $14.90

Indoor plants and succulents are super on trend but it takes a certain type of person to keep a house plant alive. This little planter is so cute and simple, will tie into just about any style or home decor and perfect for the person who is great with plants. If you are feeling super giving this holiday season, you could even buy a nice plant to sit inside this pot or if you know someone who already has tons of plants that would sit well in here; even better! This is such a great small gift because it can keep on giving so long as they are a plant person, if you’re not well… they may end up using this for cooking utensils or wooden spoons or something. Either way, this is a really simple yet stylish planter for the gardener in your life.


For your cubicle neighbor;

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 5.24.53 PM.pngVitapens Capsule Highlighters – $9

These compact highlighters are perfect for your coworker who needs to highlight some shit and also maybe needs to take a chill pill. So small they can toss ’em in their bag for their 2 o’clock meeting or keep the bottle on their desk as a funny conversation starter. Perfect as an office/coworker gift because highlighters, duh! These are so cute and almost a “gag gift” in a way but still super functional and not a total waste of money. Gift these to your coworker so they’ll stop “borrowing” (STEALING!) all your highlighters.






Well, that’s it for Balie’s 2018 10 under 20 Holiday Gift Guide. I hope you all have a stress-free and large budget holiday shopping experience! Let me know what you would like to see next on theDailyBalie in the comment section below!


Happy shopping!

xo, -b






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