16 Q’s: the Nic Edition

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Hello-hello people of the internet! Here I am back from yet another blog hiatus. One year ago yesterday, Haley and I each wrote a blog called “16 Q’s where we asked each other sixteen questions; whether they be deep or just silly and answered them truthfully, just as we would if we were having a face to face conversation. I had so much fun with this specific blog that I decided I would love to keep it going for however many years you guys continue to read this dumb blog. This time around I’ve decided to nominate my boyfriend, Nic, to be this face of this post and ask me whichever sixteen questions his heart desired. These are his questions and here are my answers.

1. Being in the film industry, what is something that is now “ruined” or “spoiled” for you?

Paramount Pictures Studio

Oh my.. SO much. Especially because I am on the set building side of things, realizing how many things are just not…real. Like city skylines or window views or doors, hallways, rooms. It’s kind of like the Winchester Mystery House, there are just countless doors that lead to absolutely nowhere but, to the camera, makes it look like a single room with three doors in it could be an entire house. The only thing that was really “ruined” for me is that while I was working on insecure season 3, I had such a hard time with not looking forward and reading the scripts because it was my favorite show at the time and I read something about Lawrence that made me SLAM the pages shut because I wasn’t prepared to see his name in that season. But I think if anything, being in this industry has made watching television so much more fun for me. It has made me recognize what real hard work looks like and how amazing the minds of the creative people that I work with really are. Looking past actors at a bedroom door, makes me entirely too excited now. It’s a strange secret to be in on.

2. What is something that is more special to you because of your work?

Again, I think just seeing the hard work and creative effort that goes into building a set of any size. Last year while we were doing Silicon Valley, I walked one of the sets on my lunch break. It was a big office set with rows of computers, desks & “peoples” belongings. Just going around taking the time to admire all the items and their placement that the set decoration department went in and strategically laid out as to make this fake office look real was insane. Down to the Post It notes, there were actual notes written on them and pictures of people made to look like the family members of the background cast. It was just really crazy how real it looked and I think a lot of time that seems to get overlooked; ironically it’s called the background lol. Also something else that I really tend to look at while watching television/movies now is the plants and greenery. Through working here I have met one of the kindest dudes ever named Sonny. Putting potted plants around to create an image of natural foliage is such a looked over talent; anyone can move potted plants around but if they look placed or unnatural you can definitely tell. Greensmen just have the eye for it and it’s something I really enjoy getting distracted by when watching any show.

3. If the world were to end, what would you hope the aftermath would be?

I would hope that the earth and the plants & trees would eventually just swallow every building up and leave no trace of human kind. I hope it would eventually HEAL from all the bullsh*t we put it through.

4. What are some circumstances/situations you would have changed in your life, had you been reborn with the knowledge that you have gained so far?


I definitely would have tried harder in school. I would have saved all my good report card $100’s. I wouldn’t have fallen in “love” at 16. I would just be smarter, make better choices. I’d be someone that I would be proud of.

5. What are your thoughts on the progress of technology, what excites you, what do you fear?


The things we can do right now with technology are actually…insane. The fact that I could video talk to my Great Grandma in real time, who lived to be 100+ years old, who lived all the way across the ocean, to see her live her final days and get to say goodbye; that’s wild. I mean, she got to see ALL of that stuff go  from nothing to everything. All of it. That’s SO amazing. I’m excited to see what comes next but I don’t like to think about how far it could go; that’s when it starts to get scary. I have entirely too much anxiety to be thinking of these kinds of things. Of course; A.I.’s taking over is what everyone seems to jump to but things like “deep fakes” are incredibly scary and can cause the world to end in a single second. Or on a smaller scale, can ruin the lives of individuals targeted by those kinds of technological advances. It’s really really crazy what we can do. They did surgery on a grape.


6. If we hadn’t been dating for the past 5 years, where do you think you’d be in life? Better off? Worse? (Best case scenario and worse case scenario)?

Our first date. 10/09/2014

Best case scenario; I’d still be friends with you. Regardless of us being in a relationship or not, having you as a best friend in my life for the past 10 years has been so great and tons of fun. You really just make me happy and laugh real genuine laughs and that’s so special to me. Not one other person can relate to my sense of humor on every single level and pick up on the funny things that I pick up on like you do. I’d be happy to do life with you as a best friend. I already kinda do.

Worst case scenario; Everything up to the point of us going on our first date being the same, me; realizing I have deeper feelings for you and you; actually leaving me in the friend zone would be so tough. But I still think every part of me would want to be more than a friend to you and that would be challenging to look past. Don’t even get me started on having to watch you be in a relationship with someone else. Psh…

7. If a future version of yourself came to you, what do you hope she’d say? What advice would you want to hear?

I hope she’d tell me that I have incredible, funny, sweet little Asian babies. I hope she’d tell me that I did alright and I will soon be in a place that I’ve dreamt of being. In a happy, loving home filled with laughter and an incredible kitchen. I hope she wouldn’t spoil too much, I’d love for it to all be a surprise. 

8. If reincarnation is real, what animal would you want to be reincarnated as?

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 5.09.04 PM.png

Stingray, everytime. I love to swim and just love being in the water in general, and you know at the aquarium when they have the petting pools; they get back rubs all damn day. You know I love back rubs and scratches (thanks Mom for making me dependant on those.) Also stingrays are just my favorite animal!

9. Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck, and why, explain the techniques used in locking down your victory? 

I mean…do I have to fight them??? Ducks and horses seem like relatively friendly animals, why do they wanna fight me? I mean if I have to get real aggressive I would say 100 duck-sized horses. Punt those little bitches like soccer balls!! Ok, see. This is why I didn’t want to answer this question, I would never punt an animal but I mean if they were attacking me………………..*drop kick*


10. Compare yourself to 5 years ago, what were your essentials/habits then, what are they now. What are your thoughts on the comparison, are there things you’d like to go back to?


I couldn’t LIVE without my Clarisonic facial brush. That was a for real addiction. As far as bad habits go; ooh, I bit my nails a lot. I also did a lot of social media comparison to a single person in particular. It got really bad for a minute. I have a more clear face now than when I used my Clarisonic, I have pretty nails now that I stopped biting them and I now have a more loving heart towards myself than when I was theiving myself by comparing myself to other people. So, no. I wouldn’t like to go back there. It wasn’t cute. Or fun.


11. In a twist of fate, your significant other dies, realistically, what are your next steps?


Shock, greive, cry like a big old baby, never stop crying but laugh about good times, smile through hard times, greive, greive, greive. Never recover. Realistically I could never imagine my life without you in it, I’ve done it for too long now.

12. What do you hope people will say about you when you’re gone, what are some not so good things people could say about you?

I hope people will remember me for making them laugh. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I just love to be silly and funny and spark joy in people even if it’s only for a minute. My mom would probably out me for not cleaning my room and you would probably out me for every single thing embarrassing I ever did around you; aka a lot of things. 

13. Do you feel as though your favorite things(artists, movies, shows, clothing etc.) currently are heavily influenced by those around you? If so, how?

Y E S. A lot of the things I enjoy, I luckily get to enjoy with other people. Getting to buy tickets to your favorite artists concert and gift them to your best friend/sibling who also has the same favorite artist is one of the best feelings in the world. I’m so passionate about the movies, shows and artists that I like that it’s such a fun thing to get to geek out over new relases with your partner in that specific interest. I wouldn’t say you (Nic) personally influence me to like certain things; I just always seem to grow interest in the things you like because our interests are so similar and also, it just makes me happy seeing you geek over the stuff you enjoy on your own. You do the same for me when it comes to things I enjoy when I don’t have someone to celebrate the victories with, you play the part. I’m very much my own person but building a fire of love for something with another person is a fun game to play; bouncing excitement back and forth is such a cool and special thing you get to share with someone. As far as clothing goes; I just like what I like. I have so many different styles of clothes I like to wear; day to day I stick to neutrals, things that are comfortable, staple pieces. But then catch me on a weekend where I gotta show up ‘n show out, I’ll wear a neon green body suit, platform Dr. Martens and a reflective skirt anytime. I think my clothing and style is my own, I like what I like, nobody really influences that.

14. Would you rather live secluded in the trees, the mountains, the desert, or flat grasslands?

None of the above. I’m a suburban city gal through and through. I love the beach, I love the trees, I love mountains. But….I like to visit those places. I have to live somewhere with a lot of people, nothing secluded. I’ve listened to enough My Favorite Murder to know that being secluded helps nobody but the killers! Nobody will hear you scream. If I ABSOLUTELY had to pick one, I guess uh…….grasslands?? I don’t know! This is weird I would never do this! BYE!!!!!!!!!

15. What is your type? (without describing your significant other, even though they probably aren’t your ideal type anymore.)


First of all; how dare you. Never disrespect my boyfriend like that again! My type is, above all, someone who makes me laugh really hard. Someone who has a good relationship with their family, someone willing to compromise, someone who knows what they want and works to get it. Welp. Looks like you hit all marks there! 

16. What were you deeply passionate about 5 years ago, what are you passionate about now? Would you want to revisit those passions?

I was deeply passionate about skincare 5 years ago. I was fresh out of Esthetician school, with a valid license and overflowing knowledge. I loved to talk about skin care products and my Clarisonic (someone should have knocked me upside the head with that thing omg I never shut up about it) Right now, I’m passionate about growing! I want to spread my roots, settle down and start to be on my own. It sounds scary but also is the only thing I long for these days it seems. I definitely do want to revisit my skincare passion because I really be slacking on washing my face right lately. I wanna try new products and find something that really works for me! 


That’s a wrap on this years chapter of 16 Q’s. Thank you, Nic for the hard hitting questions. I really enjoy doing this little segment of my blog, it makes me feel like an important celeb. Thank you all for reading! Let me know if there’s anything you are wanting to see from me, I’d love to write another post soon!


xo, -b


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